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Focus On Our Community

Nassau Alumnae Chapter is committed to enriching the lives of those in Nassau County (NY).  We will provide the residents of Nassau County with programs and services tailored to their needs.  In realizing the mission of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc., Nassau Alumnae Chapter provides many public service initiatives through the sorority's Five-Point Programmatic Thrust designed to move our community forward.


Nassau Alumnae Chapter's Economic Development Committee is a source for financial guidance throughout our local communities.    The current Economic Development program of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Incorporated is Financial Fortitude; a process for setting goals, defining them and then developing plans for action and achievement.


The Financial Fortitude initiative focuses on strategies for financial planning, budgeting, goal setting, debt management, retirement planning, homeownership, insurance, savings & investments, estate planning, and entrepreneurship.

Over the past year, 2020-21, the NAC Economic Development Committee has hosted the NAC Small Business Crawl, the NAC Tax Grievance Clinic and Financial Peace University.  Between the three, the finances and financial knowledge of 16 local businesses and organizations, nearly 50 county homeowners and 10 local families have been fortified. 




Delta’s investment in developing the minds of our future are evident through the Dr. Betty Shabazz Delta Academy, a leadership and empowerment program for girls ages 11-14 years; the Dr. Jeanne L. Noble Delta GEMS (Growing and Empowering Myself Successfully) program which fostering the dreams of girls ages 14-18 years; and the EMBODI (Empowering Males to Build Opportunities for Developing Independence) youth program for males ages 11-18 years, which uses, for example, the hallmarks of STEM education, leadership, college readiness, fiscal management, civic engagement and service learning to impact our participant’s lives.


NAC’s educational development mission is to mentor youth participants through monthly workshops and activities that foster a safe, developmental, fun and educational environment, where interactions are with other young teens. The Delta Academy and EMBODI programs are STEM-based and the Delta GEMS program takes an entrepreneurial leadership approach and will provide mentors who are educators, creative thinkers and business leaders who are highly experienced in their various industries.

NAC’s signature youth education events include:

  • Annual HBCU College Tours

  • Annual HBCU College Fair

  • Financial Literacy

  • Annual Scholarship Awards


As a part of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority Incorporated’s Five-Point Programmatic Thrust, the International Awareness and Involvement Committee remains committed to addressing contemporary challenges and the needs of vulnerable communities globally.  Through the lens of the seven nationally approved Sustainability Plans, Nassau Alumnae Chapter increases awareness by highlighting communal strengths, addresses needs, and encourages engagement in international initiatives through the following goals for the 2021-2022 chapter year:

  • Increase knowledge of the seven sustainability plans identified by Grand Chapter.

  • To generally gain more awareness of the experiences faced by our communities worldwide

  • To motivate us to actively participate in global initiatives


These goals will be accomplished by two main programs:

  • Adopt-a-Sustainability Program: Each year, the committee will identify one of the seven sustainability plans as our main area of focus. Though educational activities, fundraisers, and collaborative service events we will become more actively engaged with the plan’s efforts. The identified plan for 2021-2022 is I Can Fly International located in Machakos, Kenya.

  • Beyond Sustainability: Through a series of forums, Our Beyond Sustainability programs will address current events, challenges, and social action efforts around the globe.

Upcoming Events:

  • Haitian Relief Product Drive in collaboration with Local Projects

  • I Can Fly: We Walk so they Can Run Global walk-a-thon Fundraiser

  • World AIDS Day

  • Taste of Culture: A celebration of diversity through food and music

  • Nassau to Nassau Night: Program in collaboration with member of the Nassau Bahamas Alumnae Chapter



  • Bullying Workshops

  • Healthy-Aging Workshops

  • Holly Patterson Extended Care Center Monthly Bingo Games

  • Thanksgiving Gift Card and Dinner

  • Jackson Memorial AMEZ Church Food Pantry

  • Martin Luther King Jr Peace Park Beautification

  • Homeless Shelter




  • Voter registration, education, and mobilization

  • Debate watch parties

  • Dynamic Speakers Theater

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