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Eco 2
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53rd National Convention
National Social Action Award
3rd Place Heritage and Archives
RM Award


Positively impacting the well-being of its members, along with communities and families throughout our areas of service is the goal of the Physical and Mental Health programmatic thrust. 

The DeltaCare initiative is an internal wellness initiative created to promote self-care through physical wellness, emotional wellness, and awareness/advocacy.  The RED S.H.O.E. challenge is the physical health component of DeltaCare that encourages members to engage in healthy habits.

The NAC Health and Wellness Committee works to provide our members as well as our communities with knowledge on how to improve nutritional choices, increase physical activity, and reach and maintain a healthy weight through small, incremental modifications and increased healthy practices.

Events and activities Include:

  • CPR classes

  • Walking Challenges

  • Healthy Cooking Demonstrations

  • Self-Care University

  • Zumba Classes

  • Community Health Education Workshops

  • Yoga/Meditation

  • Healthy Aging Workshops

2016: Eastern Regional Conference- Pittsburgh, PA

  • Collegiate Transition Taskforce Award

2017: 53rd National Convention- Las Vegas, Nevada

  • National Social Action Award;

  • National Risk Management Award;

  • Third Place-Heritage and Archives Certificate;

  • Runner up for the Regional International Awareness and Involvement Award;

  • Runner up for Alumnae Soror of the Year (Pamela G. Washington-Parkes); and

  • 2 of our resolutions were adopted 


  • Eastern Regional Conference-Hartford, CT - Exemplary Economic Development Award

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