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Colin in Black and White is a drama series that discusses former NFL Quarterback Colin Kaepernick's experiences with race in sports and highlights some of his experiences as a Black child adopted by White parents.  In recent years, adopted children have shared their experiences about growing up in multi-racial families acknowledging the loving environment they were placed, but recognizing what might be described as traumatic when confronted with issues of cultural and/racial awareness.  With highlighted scenes from Colin in Black and White, this panel discussion will discuss some of the culture-conscious prep and racial sensitivities that may be helpful to truly create an environment in which transracial adoptees can thrive, and provide information and resources for families interested in adoption.


Community members should attend this event if they are interested in adoption; have adopted a child of a different race; were adopted by parents of a different race; work in a field related to adoption in general and transracial adoption, or foster care; or if they know, or care about individuals involved in trans-racial adoption. 

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